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‘She’s a boss lady’: Older lesbians watch Hayley Kiyoko music videos

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Watching and enjoying Hayley Kiyoko’s music | Photo: YouTube/intomore

Hayley Kiyoko has emerged as one of the most prominent artists from the LGBTQ community this year. While fans are loving her pride in her identity that’s present in all her music, what do older generations think?

Into magazine found out when they sat down with three older lesbians — Sabel, Phyllis, and Belita.

They showed the three women the videos for Girls Like Girls and Feelings. Their reactions, quite simply, are fantastic.

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‘She would make me like lipstick lesbians’

The women watched Girls Like Girls first and while there were some criticisms (‘I think it’s kinda too bad they were smoking’) but they really enjoyed it for the most part.

All of them liked the way the women are portrayed.

‘See, that’s how I look at girls,’ Belita says. ‘They hug, they hold hands.’

And they weren’t short of their opinions of the men in the video either. Belita says it best, with an unapologetic shrug: ‘Guys always ruin it, sorry.’

Phyllis adds: ‘I don’t think they should be playing with boys at all. The boys shouldn’t be around at all.’

Sabel, meanwhile, liked that Girls Like Girls showed the women fighting back.

When they got to Feelings, there were some major, well, feelings.

Belita was super into the video, saying that Kiyoko could make her like lipstick lesbians (aka more feminine lesbians).

‘Kinda reminds me of me when I was younger,’ Phyllis adds with a laugh.

When all is said and done, Kiyoko gains three new fans. They all recognize the importance of her music, calling her ‘courageous’ and a ‘groundbreaker’. They also mention it helps them better understand younger lesbians and bisexual women.

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