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Singing married duo Unsung Lilly hit all the right notes in new song

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Frankie and Sera Golding-Young. | Unsung Lilly / Instagram

Pansexual married couple Sera and Frankie Golding-Young make up indie-pop duo Unsung Lilly.

They met almost eight years ago when Frankie was actually singing with Sera’s sister.

Then a couple of years later, Sera told Frankie she was getting into song writing. They teamed up with a few other guys and became a five-piece band. But after a couple of years, other commitments and family life forced the other guys to quit.

Then an opportunity came up for Frankie and Sera to move to the US. A month after becoming a duo, they moved from the UK and are now settled in California.

Frankie and Sera from Unsung Lilly

Frankie and Sera from Unsung Lilly. | Photo: supplied

The couple also recently got married and believe singing together brings them closer together.

Sera said in an exclusive interview with Gay Star News: ‘We get to spend lots of time together.’

She also said: ‘The things that work in our relationship – the way we complement each other – follows through from our working and creative relationship.

‘We know each other really, really well so we know what each other brings to the table. It’s really easy,’ she said.

Frankie then added: ‘Yeah, there’s like an understanding there of each other, which is nice.

‘We also know when to leave each other alone and when to not,’ she joked.

Why is Pride so important?

Unsung Lilly isn’t afraid to sing about same-sex relationships. In fact, their most-played song on Spotify is called It’s You and Me and the accompanying video features an animation of a same-sex version of Cinderella.

The lyrics read: ‘Time to forget what we know, unleash this love and let it grow.’

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Both Sera and Frankie think Pride events are such important and special gigs for them to play.

Sera said: ‘Doing Pride gigs have always been a highlight. We love performing for Pride. It’s just such a cool atmosphere and so welcoming.

‘Everyone is there to celebrate and just be together and we love that,’ she said.

Frankie added: ‘They’re just phenomenal.’

They cite Florence and the Machine and Birdy as two huge influences for Unsung Lilly. But they’re also really inspired by LGBTI music artists such as David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Joan Armatrading, George Michael, Elton John, Lady Gaga and Prince.

12 songs in 12 months challenge

Unsung Lilly set themselves an ambitious goal of writing, recording and producing 12 songs in 12 months.

Their up to single number eight at the moment. Sera said: ‘It’s been a really nice amount of pressure.

‘It keeps us going and it keeps us moving forward. We’re being super creative,’ she added.

Frankie then said: ‘It means we have to not only just write and record the songs, but do all the promo pictures, music videos, interviews and everything that goes along with releasing a song.

The latest song and video features a ‘girl-on-girl’ love story.

See the latest addition to their 12 month challenge:

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