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Snow disrupts travel in Colorado Springs, keep caution around plows

Written by gaytourism

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) — Snowy and icy conditions make for slick travel across Colorado Springs on Tuesday. According to the City of Colorado Springs, snow crews remained on full call out throughout the day.

They were working in teams to clear primary and secondary routes and school zones in preparation for the morning commute.

The City took this as an opportunity to remind drivers to be aware of plows on the road and to keep a safe distance.

Tips for safe travel around snowplows:

Don’t crowd the plow.  Snowplows plow far and wide, sometimes very wide.  The front plow extends several feet in front of the truck and may cross the centerline and shoulder during plowing operations.

Don’t tailgate or stop too close behind snowplows.  Snow plows are usually spreading deicing materials from the back of the truck and may need to stop or take evasive action to avoid obstructions or stranded vehicles.  If you find yourself behind a snow plow, stay behind it or use extreme caution when passing.  The road behind a snowplow will be safer to drive on.

Remember, a snowplow operator’s field of vision is restricted.  You may see them but they may not see you. 

City of Colorado Springs snow plow trucks are white, CDOT trucks are orange, and El Paso County trucks are red.

Downtown roadways in Colorado Springs remain icy and snowpacked in parts. For details on road conditions, you can visit CDOT’s travel website.