Someone made Billy Eichner the voice of Captain America and it’s perfect


The scene from Civil War | Photo: IMDB/Marvel Studios

Step aside, Chris Evans — Billy Eichner is our new Captain America.

Taking Twitter by storm, user @homeisarealsong dubbed over a scene from Captain America: Civil War with audio from Eichner’s comedy show Billy on the Street.

In the scene, Cap is running with some of his fellow superheroes on their way to battle other superheroes (like Iron Man and Spider-Man).

With the new audio, Cap shouts out: ‘Come on, lesbians!’ And really, that’s the superhero movie we all need.

It works eerily well and can definitely be watched on repeat.

The audio comes from a lightning round segment of Billy on the Street. In the clip, Eichner walks around New York City ‘with a pack of wild lesbians’ yelling at people. In one instance, he shouts: ‘For a dollar: Who’s sexier, Britney Spears or Kesha?’

[embedded content]

But what does Chris Evans say?

Luckily, Eichner caught wind of the video and tweeted about it himself.

‘Hey @ChrisEvans this is what happened when someone put audio from Billy on the Street into Captain America,’ he wrote.

Evans responded with his own thoughts about the remixed clip.

‘That’s exactly what I was going for in that moment,’ he tweeted. ‘I’m glad someone picked up on my inner monologue.’

The internet can be a great place sometimes.

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