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Stephen Fry, George Takei support 30 million (and growing) strong message for Digital Pride

Written by gaytourism

Celebrities like Stephen Fry and George Takei have come out to support Digital Pride’s viral message this year.

Believes in equality have signed up to a Thunderclap that will be posted on social media on 26 April at 5pm.

And with a week to go, we already have a reach of 30.5 million people.

This is already bigger than last year. Digital Pride 2017’s Thunderclap message had a reach of 19 million people. This year we’d love to get double that (and more!).

The message posted on social media will say: ‘All LGBTI+ people deserve freedom, equality and protection. I am one of Millions of Us fighting for this world.’

A Gay Star News spokesperson said: ‘We are working with LGBTI people in some of the toughest places in the world to be yourself.

‘We want to raise their profile and give them a platform to tell their stories.

‘The Thunderclap is the start of all that. A moment to tell the world that every single one of us deserves freedom, equality and protection, wherever we live in the world.

‘We believe millions of people around the globe care about this and agree with us.

‘Let’s prove it.’

Digital Pride, in its third year, will run from 23 to 28 April.

The message calling for LGBTI freedom, equality and protection will be broadcast on huge Thomas Reuters screens in Times Square, New York and Canary Wharf, London.

Thanks to Royal Mail, the Digital Pride message will also be rubber-stamped on millions of envelopes and postcards in the UK postal system.

What is Digital Pride?

Digital Pride is a Pride anyone can take part in, provided you can get online.

You can be part of Digital Pride if you live in a country where your sexuality is criminalized. You can enjoy it if your nearest Pride is hundreds of miles away or is difficult for you to access for other reasons. And you can even take part from your bedroom if you want.

Join the Thunderclap here. It takes two minutes of your time.

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