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Teacher lost his job after coming out as bisexual in an attempt to help suicidal students

Nicholas Breiner, who was teaching chorus for three years at McNabb Middle School in Montgomery County, Kentucky, USA had lost his job after coming out as bisexual in an attempt to help suicidal students. Later on, Mr. Breiner commented: “When a child is ready to take their own life because they love differently than those around them, you must prioritize their safety over your own privacy. I had stayed in the closet for years. But I have had two students attempt suicide this year. I have intervened on five others before they got that far. The vast majority of these students were LGBT students. So I decided it was no longer ethical to stay closeted when there was a possibility being out might make me more accessible to my struggling students who might be considering suicide.”

Though Nicholas Breiner came out from the best of motives, it had quite a negative impact on his career. The teacher was pulled from the class he was teaching to be cautioned against being open about his sexuality. This happened the next school day after coming out. And the final flourish was when his contract was due for renewal, he was told it would not be without any specific reasons.If asked whether his coming out could have an impact on the schools decision, Mr. Breiner says: “It becomes more and more clear to me it was a deciding factor.”