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Teen comes out in high school yearbook – using Grey’s Anatomy

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Krysta’s senior photo | Photo: Twitter @krystaataa

Krysta Montoya, a high school senior at Valley High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, stuck it to everyone who thought her sexuality was just a phase with her yearbook quote.

With a little help from Shonda Rhimes’ hospital drama, Grey’s Anatomy, Montoya conveyed a very simple message: she’s so, so, so gay.

However, since the school wouldn’t let her use those words exactly, she found a loophole. Instead, her quote actually reads: ‘Grey’s Anatomy Season 5, Episode 6, 39:40.’

A lot of people, understandably, didn’t understand it. So Montoya took to Twitter to clarify.

The quote comes from Season 5, Episode 6 of Grey’s Anatomy. At the 3-minute and 18-second mark (leaving 39:40 left), the character Erica Hahn says: ‘I am so, so, so gay.’

Not a phase

Though Montoya has been out since freshman year, this was her way of sticking it to everyone who thought she was going through a phase.

She had her first kiss in high school when she began dating a girl.

She told HuffPost: ‘I feel like people were like, “How would you know if you’re gay if you haven’t even tried dating a boy?”

‘I felt insecure ― even at times I doubted if I was a lesbian.’

However, her parents and a particular teacher supported her and helped her feel confident in who she is.

‘Some people even said I’d be with a boy by senior year. So what better way to prove them wrong by making my senior quote, “I’m so, so, so gay?”‘

Montoya will graduate later this month.

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