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Thailand set to make a civil partnership law for same-sex couples

Written by gaytourism

Thailand’s government has made moves to create a law allowing same-sex couples to have their partnerships officially recognized.

A subcommittee in the Justice Ministry has been drafting the Bill. It will present the draft to the Cabinet for approval in May.

‘The department aims to have this draft law promulgated within the term of this present government,’ a source the ministry’s Rights and Liberties Protection Department (RLPD) told Nation Multimedia.

Official recognition of partnerships will help same-sex couples get the same rights as heterosexual partners and spouses.

Last year, the Justice Minister promised to act on a petition asking for the government to act on a stalled gay rights Bill.

Many are hopeful the new partnership law will be a positive step towards achieving marriage equality in Thailand.

Let’s hope they come through

LGBTI advocates welcome any kind of progress but also are aware that the government will be conscious of protecting Thailand’s traditions.

‘So, most of the time, the content of the law remains within the limits set by these rules and traditions that it doesn’t guarantee the rights of the people,’ said advocate Naiyana Supapueng she said.

‘Like in the former draft, they did allow same sex marriage but then so many restrictions and conditions were present. It showed that the state still had a homophobia mindset.’

Thailand is one of the most progressive country’s in Asia when it comes to LGBTI issues. But many hoped when nearby Taiwan legalized marriage equality last year, it would propel the issue at home.

Thailand introduced a Gender Equality Act in 2015 to protect LGBTI from discrimination based on sexuality and gender. But same-sex couples do not have the same rights as their straight counterparts.

Advocates hope the new law will achieve equality on issues such as, property rights, hospital visitations and inheritance.

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