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Tham Krasae railway bridge

Written by gaytourism

Tham Krasae railway bridgeTham Krasae railway bridge สะพานถ้ำกระแซ (named after the nearby Krasae cave ถ้ำกระแซ) or Wangpo วังโพ viaduct (often misspelled Wampo; Wangpo is the sub-district town and railway station about 4 km outbound from Tham Krasae bridge), is the second most spectacular point (after the bridge over the river Kwai) of the Thai-Burma railway line.There is no equivalent for Wangpo viaduct in Thai, maybe someone made this up? Location around:14.103433, 99.167970 = 14°06’12.4″N 99°10’04.7″EI have been there on foot and on train, and find on foot more interesting.The entire bridge is easily walkable (left, even with metal sheet in

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