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‘The LGBTI community have made life worse for gay men and women’

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WeHo 2007 Gay Pride parade. | Raul / Flickr

If you don’t fit the typical mold, you’re not welcome in the LGBTI community, claims one Reddit user.

Reddit user BBremer283 took to the social media platform to vent his frustrations at what he calls a community of ‘spoiled toddlers.’

‘As a gay man, I’m frankly embarrassed of the LGBT community,’ he started. ‘I don’t fit the typical “gay” mold.’

He continues: ‘I like to watch basketball, go to the gym, and am a right leaning libertarian. They want to shun people like me away, as if you don’t fit their political agenda, you aren’t welcome.’

Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco 2012. | Photo: torbakhopper / Flickr

The Redditer also claims the LGBTI community ‘loves men who are extremely feminine’ and says it needs to stop calling people bigots.

He references an LGBTI discussion group kicking him out for offending someone after he said the community ‘brings it on themselves.’

‘Don’t throw a bitch fit, just move on,’ he said.

‘Yes, there are people that are going to hate you just for being gay, but who gives a shit? Just IGNORE those people.’

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The LGBT community have made life worse for gay men/ women. from r/unpopularopinion

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