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The Philippines’ first trans politcian has just become an army reservist

Written by gaytourism

Geraldine Roman has become a member of the Army Reserves in the Philippines. | Photo: Facebook

The Philippines’ first trans federal politician, Geraldine Roman, has been enrolled into the Army Reserves.

After the laws changed to allow LGBTI people to serve in the armed forces, Roman became one of the first to enlist for service. In doing so she also became the country’s first trans army recruit.

On Thursday she finally took her oath to become a Reservist Officer in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

‘I commend the AFP for allowing Filipino LGBT members to serve their country in uniform,’ Roman wrote on her Facebook page.

‘My belief is that all patriotic Filipinos must be allowed to apply for military service, regardless of gender and sexual orientation and identification.

‘After all, war and disaster do not recognize gender. These affects everybody, and EVERYONE must defend and serve our communities and our country.’

Trans representation

Roman has been very vocal about advocating for the LGBTI community.

She was instrumental in getting a bill through Congress that protects LGBTI people from discrimination.

‘Although it is claimed the Philippine society is tolerant and accepting of members of the LGBT community, in practice and in terms of legal protection, they (sic) are no specific national laws that address this kind of discrimination from which this sector of society suffers,’ Roman wrote in the Bill’s explanatory note.

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