The trailer for the Sense8 series finale is here to give you all the feelings

The end is coming | Photo: YouTube/Netflix

This spring, the sensates gather one final time in the series finale of Sense8. Netflix released the official trailer for the beginning of the end and it’s sure to have evoke plenty of feelings.

The sci-fi drama, created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, follows a diverse group of people known as sensates. They are inexplicably emotionally and mentally linked to one another.

Since its start, critics and fans alike praised the show for its diversity — both in cast and topics. The series explores things like gender, sexuality, politics, and religion.

The trailer shows all of that and more.

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A dramatic history

Netflix initially canceled the series after two seasons.

Fans, naturally, were not happy about that and petitioned the streaming giant to bring it back — and it worked!

The finale isn’t a full season, but rather a final movie. Still, it’s more than plenty other canceled TV shows have received in the past.

The 2-hour finale hits Netflix on 8 June.

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