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The Vixen criticizes RPDR for glossing over race issues, compares RuPaul to ‘Reddit troll’

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The Vixen and RuPaul | Photo: RPDR

The Vixen has spoken out about the explosive new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race in which RuPaul questions the drag queen about instigating drama on the show, as well as the show’s general treatment of queens of color.

In the episode, when Ru implies The Vixen aggravated tensions between Aquaria and Miz Cracker by ‘stirring the pot’.

Having already been questioned about her arguments with Eureka, The Vixen then thanked her fans and exited the stage.

When Asia O’Hara then criticized the group and herself for not doing more to convince The Vixen to stay, RuPaul began shouting,

‘Look at me, look at me, goddamnit!’ he said. ‘I come from the same goddamn place she comes from! And here I am! You see me walkin’ out? No, I’m not walking out. I fucking learned how to act around people and how to deal with shit. I’m not fucking walking out and saying, “Fuck all y’all!” That’s disrespectful.’

‘It just seemed very vapid’

Now the Vixen has had her say in an interview with Into. In it she says: ‘Ru is there to be a moderator and it felt like I was having a fight with her’

When asked ‘Do you feel like Ru read a lot of negative intention into everything you did?’ The Vixen responds: ‘Yeah, it felt like I was talking to a Reddit troll. It was like, with her being a person in the public eye, you think that she would understand that I had more layers than that.’

She also said: ‘It just seemed very vapid and I think even on the show I did a good job of showing that I was a person with intention and that there was more to me than trying to get under two girls’ skin for some type of reason. It was an insult to my character [and] it was very out of touch with who I am.’

The Vixen also reveals in the interview that her mother was in hospital when the reunion episode was shot. She added that when she offered to not attend and be with her mom, she told her not to because viewers would think she was being ‘petty.’

She furthermore criticized the show’s producers for the way they tackle issues around race. Referring to the time she accused Aquaria of creating a ‘narrative’ around race during their argument in April, The Vixen said: ‘The next day when we talked to producers again and did our boy interviews, no one gave me any indication that I had done something good. It was like they wanted to steer away from the conversation.

‘It was more like, “Do you really think she tried to create a narrative?” I was surprised it even aired and that the audience accepted it the way that it did. It felt like the show thought that I was petty for making it about race.’

‘They skipped over the most important conversation of the series’

She added that her appearance on the show started ‘this conversation on real issues, which they glossed over — they skipped over the most important conversation of the series! I think so much of the conversation that we’ve started has been about the problems of the fandom and I think this reunion shows the problems on the show.’

The Vixen’s comments follow fellow RPDR alumni Bob the Drag Queen pointing out that white RPDR queens tend to have more social followers than queens of color.

‘Sometimes Drag Race makes me realize other things about the world,’ tweeted Bob. ‘NOT ALL, but a lot of the most popular queens fall into the thin white category. And NO black queens, except @RuPaul, have over a million followers. It’s not the show. It’s the fandom.’

‘I don’t need “help”‘

Further addressing the conversation about her return to the show, The Vixen today tweeted: ‘I don’t need “help”. I’m not going through “Something” I’m not “troubled” in any way. After I left the reunion there was a lot of talk about my needs. I need to be treated with RESPECT. I brought important issues to the show and a lot of Ratings. That’s all.’

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