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There is a new underwear line that will make it easier to readjust your package

Written by gaytourism

Anyone who has ever felt the need to readjust their package in public knows how awkward it could be.

Do you find a public bathroom? Do you find a patch of shade to have a good rummage? Or do you just live with the sweaty summer stickiness?

For those who’d rather an easier experience to digging around in their pants, there’s now an option.

Eletrunks, made in Brooklyn, New York, have came up with what could be a solution.

It uses a pulley system via string, allowing you to pull and adjust your genitals without having to root around in your underwear.

For some who prefer rooting around in their underwear, of course, there’s every other pair of pants on the planet.

‘I came up with the idea while riding a motorcycle in Columbia,’ Michael, the owner of Eletrunks says.

‘I had problems readjusting and it got painful. I designed a pair of underwear that changes the functionality of underwear today.’

Eletrunks are available from around $28.