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This emotional Pride in London video is coming to UK national TV

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow will air on 21 June on Channel 4 | Photo: Courtesy of Pride in London

Pride in London has released an incredibly emotional ad which will melt your hearts. Channel 4 will air the Pride in London video, making it the first time Pride is advertised on UK national television.

The short film, which has an entirely LGBTI cast, will move you to tears with its heartfelt rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Actors include trans couple Jake Graf and Hannah Winterbourne, who married earlier this year.

The video aims to represent the reality of those across the LGBTI community and what Pride means to each of them. It will air today (21 June) at 6.45pm.

In the meantime, you can watch it here.

[embedded content]

Pets over people

Pride in London also surveyed LGBTI and cisgender straight people asking them to choose three issues that concern them. Results showed the majority of Brits are more likely to care about animal rights than tolerance for LGBTI people.

Just 3% of straight people, in fact, showed concerns about LGBTI equality, while only 2% indicated gender equality as a concern. LGBTI people, on the other hand, were 44% and 22% respectively.

Furthermore, the research, in partnership with YouGov, highlighted that over one in ten gay men (12%) and almost one in five lesbians (17%) are not out to their family. This increases for bisexual (46%) and asexual/queer/pansexual/polysexual (AQPP) respondents (40%).

1 in 3 LGBTI people have been verbally abused

Being afraid to come out affects those identifying as LGBTI deeply, as 84% of the respondents agreed it is harder for them to be their true selves compared to straight people. Notably, 44% have felt threatened by others and a third have suffered verbal abuse (46%) in the last year.

Two black dressed men beating up another who is on the floor

Two-fifths of LGBTI people in London have felt threatened by others | Photo: Courtesy of Pride in London

Commenting on the report, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said, ‘We’ve come a long way in the fight for LGBTI equality, but we can’t be complacent. Far too many people in our city are still facing discrimination and prejudice because of their sexuality or identity.’

‘Pride is a perfect opportunity for us to come together to celebrate the amazing contribution our LGBTI community makes to all our lives. I know that it will once again show that London is open to everyone, regardless of age, race, religion, disability, gender or sexuality.’

What does Pride mean to you?

Following this year’s theme #PrideMatters, Pride in London also asked LGBTI and allies why the parade is still important.

The Matter of Pride survey earlier this year showed that pride is more than a colorful annual parade. For 78% of the LGBTI community, it means celebration, while for 62% it means diversity.

Pride in London then chose the best answers and printed them on placards to wield during the parade. The most popular words have also been printed on Pride in London merchandise, available at Pride pop-up shop in Soho.

A t-shirt and a few mugs at the Pride's pop-up shop in London.

What does Pride mean to you? | Photo: John Banyard

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