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This gay teacher wants you to know vegans are sexy inside and out

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Gay teacher has message about being a vegan for PETAs hottest vegans competition

Dinarte Gouveia is the 26-year-old, gay teacher with a message about veganism.

‘Veganism for me is about compassion and that ties with the LGBT community. I feel we should all be striving to become more compassionate and open-minded.’

He spoke to Gay Star News as he enters PETA’s hottest vegan of the year award.

But can Gouveia steal the prize away?

With cute his adorable dachshund in hand, we think he has a pretty good chance.

‘This is my dachshund, Jasper. He is insanely cute and hugely supportive of my vegan lifestyle.’

Is it time to chow down on some vegetables?

Gouveia became a vegan after watching the Netflix documentaries ‘Vegucated’, ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘What the Health.’

However, it’s more than just about caring for animals. Since going the full vegan Gouveia has been feeling healthier:

‘The main thing I have noticed is my energy levels.

‘I used to be constantly tired despite eating healthily and exercising often. Now I feel much more energized.’

The PETA Director Elisa Allen says this experience is common:

‘Vegans are, on average, slimmer and healthier and have more energy than their meat-eating peers – plus, there’s nothing hotter than compassion.’

‘Each one of the finalists in PETA’s contest is a testament to how sexy vegans are – inside and out.’

The teacher’s vegan message is spreading

Gouveia is a drama teacher in Scotland.

He says a few of his students are also vegan too:

‘I’ve had conversations about them about the types of things they eat and what products they use.

‘They’re really supportive! Their dedication is inspiring.’

If you’re looking to join Dinarte’s vegan feels, then act fast. He already has lots of support from ‘his man’:

You can vote for Dinarte and check out all the finalists in Peta’s Hottest Vegan competition here.

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