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This incredible Twitter thread magically gifs classic Disney characters as gay couples

Written by gaytourism

Disney: but gay. | Photo: IMDB/Walt Disney Studios

Imagine this: All our favorite Disney characters as gay couples.

That’s exactly what Twitter user @harleivy did with a recent thread that went viral.

Using gifs from various Tumblrs, where this phenomenon already found plenty of love, the user brought the joy of queer Disney to Twitter.

The thread, which first appeared on 13 January, has already gained nearly 30,000 likes and over 15,000 re-tweets.

The thread takes characters — from princesses and princes to heroines and heroes — and imagines relationships for them. It includes mashing classic characters like Sleeping Beauty with more modern characters like Mulan together.

Or everyone’s favorite badass heroines, Esmeralda (from The Hunchback of Notre Dama) and Megara (from Hercules).

What about a hero from China with a prince from Maldonia?

Princess Anna and Rapunzel look really convincing.

Just look at this kiss!

Give it to us

People have not been shy in their appreciation for the thread.

Others offered their own queer Disney ships.

@harleivy ended with her favorite couple and a not-so-subtle plea to Disney.

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