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This is where Tom and Dustin went for their first night out since becoming dads

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Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley go out together for the first time since becoming dads. | Photo: Instagram

Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley just had their first night out together since becoming dads.

Since the pair announced the birth of their son on 30 June, they’ve been very busy boys. Baby Robert Ray was born on 27 June and the adorable photos soon followed.

They stayed in America after the baby was born in order to be close with the surrogate.

But now they’re back in London.

And just in time for the GQ Men of the Year Awards at London’s Tate Modern museum.

The pair posed for photos in super dapper suits.

Black took to Twitter last night (5 September) to post a photo of the adorable dads. He wrote in the caption: ‘First Dads night out (home before 11) for the #GQManoftheyear2018awards. A delicious, joyful & inspiring night.’

Daley then reposted the photo.

He also posted a photo of his own with drag queen DJ Jodie Harsh.

Tom Daley, Jodie Harsh and Dustin Lance Black

Photo: Tom Daley / Instagram

Tom and Dustin on becoming dads

Dustin Lance Black said he’s happy to take the role of stay-at-home dad.

Dustin recently said: ‘Tom’s got a really clear deadline coming up which is Tokyo, so there are ways in which we’ve devised our schedules to make sure he stays healthy – physically – as possible.

‘Whereas my career is very much about being mentally sharp,’ he said.

He then added: ‘And by the way I’m a film maker – we usually don’t get good at what we do until we’re in our fifties or sixties, like I’ve got some time, you know what I mean?

‘He’s an athlete!

‘And how lucky am I? I get to be the stay at home dad and my career allows that,’ he said.

Tom also recently hit back against people who criticized the couple for choosing surrogacy over adoption.

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