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This man threatened revellers returning from Brighton Pride and this is not okay

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After uttering anti-LGBTI slurs, the man is threatening a girl trying to film him. | Still: @marcodemarlo/Twitter

Brighton Pride took place yesterday (4 August). More than 300,000 gathered in the maritime city to take part in the march for equality.

A march the LGBTI community needs more than ever as they still face violence due to their sexual orientation and gender identity.

In a video posted on Twitter, a man can be seen threatening a train carriage full of people returning from the event yesterday night.

The visibly angry man is shouting and towering a girl who tried to record him with her phone.

Brighton Pride-goers were terrified

Actor Marco De Marlo was among those who attended the parade in Brighton. He posted the video of the verbal attack on Twitter, claiming the man was shouting homophobic slurs.

‘This homophobe called everyone on a train returning from Brighton Pride a bunch of puffs and has threaten [sic] to stab someone that was looking at him,’ he wrote.

‘This is him taking the phone off the hands of a girl that was trying to record what was happening,’ he also tweeted.

The atmosphere in the carriage was tense as things might have escalated quickly.

In the footage, you can see the man talking to a girl who is trying to film him. After repeatedly telling her not to record him, he then took her phone off her hands and smash it to the ground.

The man also shouted to be ‘within his rights’.

A witness called the British Transport Police

‘After repeating ‘what are you puffs gonna do about it?” I contacted the British Transport Police and got him dragged off the train,’ De Marlo said.

‘Today’s lesson is: Never put yourself against a gay man that has just been to a @britneyspears concert,’ he furthermore added.

‘Hate has no place in this world.’

He later thanked BTP for their prompt intervention.

‘A big THANK YOU goes out to @BTP for their immediate response and action. You all deserve a rainbow!’

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