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This new hashtag celebrates the work of LGBTI scientists from around the world

The Twitter account @BioTweeps, which features posts from a different biologist each week, recently announced #LGBTscience. The goal of the hashtag is to support diversity in STEM fields and promote the work of LGBTI scientists.

On the week of 29 January, the @BioTweeps account was hosted by Robin Hayward, a PhD student in the department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at the University Of Stirling. During his time on the account, he began an important conversation about diversity in the sciences.


Though LGBTI people have always been part of STEM, many may keep quiet about their LGBTI identity.

‘LGBTQ people make contributions in every field of science, yet many do not feel safe opening up about their personal identities in a discipline that prides itself on being as impersonal, bipartisan, gender-neutral and race-neutral as humanly possible,’ writes the staff at ScienceAF.

‘Often in the scientific community, putting forward a personal identity is seen as a direct opposition to scientific neutrality – even if it has nothing to do with the actual academic work. As a result, personal identities are often conspicuously missing from academia, creating a scarcity of scientist role models for LGBTQ youth.’


However, since Hayward’s rein at @BioTweeps, many LGBTI scientists from around the world have come forward to talk about their work, their identities, and how STEM fields can be more inclusive.

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