This pastor crashed a library’s drag queen story time – then got booed out


A drag queen doing story time at the library | Photo: Facebook/NowThis Politics

An evangelical pastor in Anchorage, Alaska recently crashed a public library hosting a drag queen children’s story time for Pridefest. As soon as he entered, however, the crowd quickly rose against him.

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Pastor Dave Grisham of Last Frontier Evangelism filmed himself at the Loussac Public Library.

‘We are gonna go inside and tell the kids the truth,’ he says in the video. ‘There’s no such thing as transgenders and that God makes boys boys and girls girls and there is no changing.’

He enters the event, where a drag queen is reading a children’s story to various kids and their parents.

As soon as he introduces himself to the crowd, someone shouts out: ‘Noooo!’ The drag queen looks on impassively as someone else tells the pastor to get out.

Grisham quickly gets escorted out, still continuing to talk about how ‘transgenders don’t exist’ and how God made two genders.

People walking him out repeatedly tell him that he does not have permission to be here saying these things.

Evident ignorance

The library’s Pridefest event was part of the national Drag Queen Story Hour, which is becoming increasingly popular.

The co-chair of Anchorage’s Pridefest, JJ Harrier, specifically called out Grisham’s ignorance and misinformation.

‘I just encourage people who don’t know the difference between a drag queen and somebody who is transgender to do their research and look it up. They are completely two different things…

‘Our community is so glued together right now, especially during Pride Week, that we’re just gonna stick together and remind and educate people who we are.’

The rest of Pridefest in Anchorage continued without any other disruptions.

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