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This Queer Eye/Saturday Night Live crossover is an A+ makeover

Written by gaytourism

Tan helps Pete with his pants | Photo: YouTube/Saturday Night Live

What happens when Netflix’s new take on Queer Eye meets Saturday Night Live? A funny makeover, that’s what.

Queer Eye’s fashion expert Tan France met up with SNL cast member Pete Davidson to help him with his look. They went shopping and thing got off to a great start.

‘I trust you more than my Staten Island fashion,’ Pete tells Tan as they look around.

Tan immediately replies: ‘Is that where you’re from? That explains so much!’

Pete often plays younger characters on SNL, and isn’t afraid of broaching provacative topics.

They discuss Pete’s current look, which Tan describes as ‘a lot’. Then it’s time for shopping, modeling, and, of course, discussing underwear and other intimates.

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Makey make-over

‘I can’t wear regular boxers because my balls, they go on one side — you know the bridge?’ Pete asks.

‘I love that we’re talking about this,’ Tan says. ‘I haven’t ever talked about my balls on this show — I like that we got here real quick.’

Pete starts trying on new outfits and admits he thought he was dressing nice before this, but he’s glad to know he didn’t look that great. When Tan says he feels bad, Pete quickly says: ‘Someone had to tell me!’

Fellow SNL cast members Heidi Gardner shows up to help out.

Ultimately, it’s all success.

Tan asks Pete what his girlfriend will think and Pete replies: ‘She’ll probably say, “I didn’t know you could dress like that.”‘

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