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This Sam Smith-Adele conspiracy theory is absolutely wild

Written by gaytourism

What is going on over there in England? | Photo: IMDB

Could Sam Smith and Adele be… the same person?

That’s what this Twitter user’s wild conspiracy theory posits.

On Monday (5 February), @jesse21valona posted a video of Adele’s single Hello played at normal speed and slowed down. When the song slowed, the singing sounded conspicuously like another British crooner.

The user poses the question: ‘Did you know that when you slow down Adele it’s actually Sam Smith?’

Not convinced?

Don’t worry, they posted another example of the eerie likeness.

Is there a big music industry cover-up between Sam and Adele?

A lot of other Twitter users had fun responding to the tweets.

Could it be the singers are hiding a big secret, whoever they may be?

It’s true, if you Google images of them, there are none of them actually together.

Many were definitely convinced.

Others marveled at Smith’s cover of an Adele song.

Unfortunately, when someone sped up a Sam Smith song, it didn’t exactly sound like Adele…

Still, maybe it was really Adele posing as Smith on Carpool Karaoke. Just wondering if boyfriend Brandon Flynn knows the truth.

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