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This viral video teaches us how to hail a NYC cab like a real queen

Written by gaytourism

Everything you need to know about hailing a cab in true style is right here (Picture: Facebook)

A video of a queen making light work of hailing down an NYC cab has gone viral.

Have you ever had drama trying to flag down a yellow taxi in the Big Apple?

Well that’s because we’ve all been doing it wrong.

NYC queen lives her best life, goes viral

How to Properly Catch a Cab 🔥 🚕

Posted by Vogue Clips on Monday, March 26, 2018

Posted on Facebook the video has had 16,000 reacts, 31,000 shares, plus over 2.3 million views in just four days.

Set to TicTac’s UNIIQU3, a stylish queen cats his way to a yellow taxi, designer purse and garment bags in tow.

He walks straight up the cab, head first, and begins to flaunt with true sass and grace.

He vogues on the bonnet, high kicks, pirouettes and slut drops his way into the cab in one fluid motion.

The cab driver waits on for him like it ain’t no thing.

Who needs Uber to come collect when you’ve got this glorious diva in tow?

Go Grrrrrrrrrrrl!

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