Tom and Abby from Queer Eye just got engaged and love is not dead


Tom and Abby from Queer Eye. | Photo: Twitter

The loveable bear, Tom Jackson, from the first episode of the rebooted Queer Eye has had an emotional rollercoaster of a love life, especially since the show went to air.

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One of his main motivations to get a Queer Eye makeover was to woo back his third ex-wife Abby.

Things seemed to go pretty well in the episode called ‘You Can’t Fix Ugly’, when Abby turned up to support him at a car show and seemed to enjoy Tom’s cooking efforts.

But last month, Tom announced on Twitter that the pair had split up in September last year and proceeded to post multiple, heartbreaking photos of the pair.

Just a week later though, Tom lifted all our spirits when he announced that he was back together with Abby.

We were all happy for the pair and it rekindled our belief that love was not cancelled.

We hear wedding bells

And in even greater news, Tom has just announced the pair is officially engaged.

‘It’s official, Abby and I are engaged. What a Netflix special the would be. If the Fab 5 planned and attended our wedding!!!!!!!!!,’ Tom wrote on Twitter less than two hours ago.

He also posted a photo of the pair together with Abby wearing a gorgeous engagement ring. It is not known whether it is the same engagement ring from when they first got married in the mid-90s.

Let’s hope he doesn’t serve redneck margaritas at the wedding, but this is definitely one Netflix special we would watch.

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