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Tom Daley is working on a documentary about surrogacy for the BBC

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Daley is getting into the documentary business | Photo: Facebook/Tom Daley

Diver Tom Daley is teaming with the BBC for a TV documentary about surrogacy, soon after becoming a first-time father with husband Dustin Lance Black.

In the documentary for BBC One, with a working title of simply Surrogacy, Daley will host an exploration into this medical practice and legal arrangement of carrying a pregnancy to term for someone else.

According to Deadline, the production will explore many facets of surrogacy.

Daley will travel to numerous places, investigating how surrogacy is practiced and viewed by different people in cultures. He’ll start in his own home of the United Kingdom, where surrogacy is legal but faces many restrictions. As an example, it’s illegal to advertise that you are looking for a surrogate, or willing to be a surrogate.

Then he’ll head across the pond to California, where contractual surrogacy is much more common, and finally to countries where surrogacy is illegal.

Tom Barry is executive producing the project.

A personal journey

‘Daley wants to find out why some women are prepared to become surrogates,’ reports say about the film. ‘He wants to explore the extraordinary relationships that develop between those wanting to become parents and their surrogates.

‘He wants to meet the people who oppose surrogacy, asking why they want to stop people like him and Lance having a child via a surrogate.’

This is a personal story for Daley.

Daley and Black welcomed their first child, Robert Ray, via surrogacy in June.

The couple faced more than one obstacle during their surrogacy journey. When they first announced they were expecting their first child, abuse and death threats came almost immediately.

Daley also hit back at people criticizing their decision to have a surrogate.

Surrogacy is expected to air in 2019.

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