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Tortured and shot five times, 56th trans woman murdered in Pakistan

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Tran women mourn the murder of their sister in Pakistan. | Photo: Facebook/Trans Action Pakistan

Trans women in a region of Pakistan have protested after the 56th trans woman was murdered there since 2015.

On Sunday night two men allegedly tortured and shot, Sheena, an Afghan national in an apartment in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area of Pakistan.

Trans women are known as Khawaja sara in Pakistan and face extreme discrimination and violence in the KP region.

Sheena was reportedly sleeping in her apartment in the Shewa area when the alleged assailants broke in and attacked her.

Police said they had filed a case and had obtained CCTV footage to help them find the two men.

Sheena’s murder comes less than a month after another trans woman was gunned down in broad daylight in a nearby town of KP.

Chutki was shot 12 times in a drive-by shooting as she travelled in a rickshaw to a local shopping mall. A friend travelling with her was also killed.

The latest murder brings the death toll of trans women in the KP region alone to 56 since 2015.

A spokesperson for advocacy group, Trans Action Pakistan, told media there had been 53 reports of violence against trans people in 2018 already.

Trans Action Pakistan published photos of Sheena’s allegedly tortured corpse online, but they were too graphic to publish here.

The KP region has some of the highest rates of violence towards trans women.

Torture, rape and murder of Khawaja saras

In 2017, 208 cases of trans violence were reported in KP, according to the Tribune.

The breakdown of those cases were:

  • 78 cases of intimate partner violence
  • 46 rape cases
  • 42 torture at the hands of family members
  • 31 assaults by strangers
  • 11 of alleged torture by police

Trans Action Pakistan and other trans women took to the streets to call for an end to violence against Khawaja saras.

They called for better police responses to violence against trans people, accusing them of either not pursuing complaints or not investigating cases properly.

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