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Trans people tweet about transgender privilege to reveal what their reality is like

Written by gaytourism

Waving a trans flag at Capital Pride | Photo: Flickr/Ted Eytan

Transgender people are taking to Twitter with the hashtag #TransgenderPrivilege to reveal what reality is like for them. And they are not holding back.

Journalist Chadwick Moore prompted the hashtag.

Moore recently told Fox News that Christine Hallquist’s historic win this week was due to her ‘transgender privilege’.

‘She can get away with many, many things simply by being transgender,’ he said. ‘I mean, who knows if that’s even how she won this primary. But while the entire country is fixated on the fact that she’s transgender, nobody knows anything about her policies.’

Hallquist is the first transgender person to win a nomination in a gubernatorial race for a major party in the United States.

And if you want to know something about her policies, just take a look at her campaign website, which has a whole page dedicated to issues.

As the Victory Fund also details, Hallquist brings plenty of skills to the campaign, including 12 years as CEO of Vermont Electric Coop.

‘Championing the needs of marginalized Vermonters, she has place rural economic development at the heart of her vision for Vermont,’ they write. ‘Christine understands the importance of ensuring all children have access to a quality public school system. She has opposed the current round of budget and staffing cuts, aimed at closing many Vermont schools.’

So what is #TransgenderPrivilege?

In light of Moore’s comment, people began tweeting with the hashtag #TransgenderPrivilege.

All of the tweets prove to Moore what this really means, and what life is like for them.

As many people on the social media platform have also noted, the tweets are heartbreaking, raw, and honest. They put into perspective the existences trans people live and it’s important to remember.

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