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Trans woman shot while grappling gun from man in Detroit gas station

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A trans woman was shot after wrestling with a man over a gun in a gas station in Detroit, USA.

CCTV from the station shows the terrifying scenes as the victim – whose name has not been released by police – attempts to grapple the weapon away. Moments after the footage, she is shot and wounded.

Police released a statement to local Michigan news station, MLive, stating that the suspect fled after the shot was fired. The injury is not fatal and the woman is being treated at a local hospital.

But police are looking for help on identifying the suspect. They are also investigating whether this is classified as a hate crime.

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Violence across the country

Violence against trans people – and trans women of color in particular – is an epidemic in the US. In 2017, at least 28 transgender people died due to fatal violence against them, and at least 16 people having died so far in 2018 (27 July 2018).

This violence comes in the same week as police in Portland arrested 38-year-old Timothy Emmett Walsh for attacking a transgender woman.

The victim, 25, said she was walking down the road with friends as the man rode past on a bicycle. He then stopped to make offensive comments, referring to her as ‘a man in women’s clothing’, as well as ones about her sexual orientation.

The woman responded, before she was punched in the face multiple times by Walsh, who then rode away.

Sergeant Peter Simpson of the Portland police confirmed that the victim identified as a trans woman to the Police Bureau.

Walsh has now been charged of Assault in the Fourth Degree and Intimidation in the Second Degree.

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