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Troye Sivan responds to being dragged for trashing fan’s flowers

Written by gaytourism

Troye Sivan | Photo: EMI press shot

Troye Sivan has quietly addressed the backlash he received in February after he was pictured throwing a fan’s flowers in the trash.

It turns out the criticism was unwarranted, because The Good Side singer says he’d kept the flowers for three days before ditching them.

The star told GQ Australia: ‘I threw away some flowers that a fan had given me. Three days had gone by, but the way it was framed was that I was given them and then immediately threw them away. People got upset about that.’

‘The important thing is how you respond to those situations’

The Aussie singer also spoke about online storms more generally, admitting he’s resigned to the fact he’ll occasionally slip up.

‘The important thing is how you respond to those situations and how you grow and learn from them,’ he said.

Troye also revealed that his comeback single My! My! My! was inspired by his sex life with his model boyfriend Jacob Bixenman.

He said: ‘We don’t really talk about what the songs are about, but he was really excited. I was in a writing mode and writing about everything, my personal life included. Maybe it was normal at that point – I’d written so many songs, a lot about him and a lot not.’

He furthermore added: ‘The song is about lust more than it is about love – it’s about that instant attraction. That is fairly normal subject matter for a pop song, but I guess people feel like it’s something new because it’s a same-sex thing.’

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