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Troye Sivan’s latest single is an 80s jam – about how ‘whipped’ he is

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Troye is already one of this year’s hottest singers | Photo: Flickr/Ted Eytan

Singer Troye Sivan released his latest single from his upcoming album, Bloom.

The song, Animal, is an 80s synth jam and its slow, building aesthetic washes over you.

Sivan himself called it one of his favorite song he’s ever written. He also revealed his inspiration behind it, in a coy, tongue-in-cheek manner: ‘I wanted to make an epic, timeless love song about how whipped i am.’

Troye Sivan tweet

Troye’s tweet | Photo: Twitter @troyesivan

The tweet created quite a stir among fans, not unlike when Sivan revealed his song Bloom is about bottoming.

Many fans think this new song is about Sivan’s relationship with model Jacob Bixenman.

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He’ll perform it on his upcoming tour

The singer also tweeted about how excited he is to perform the song on tour.

Sivan announced his North American tour in May.

The tour begins on 21 September in Texas and takes him all across North America, eventually ending 8 November in Vancouver, Canada.

Animal is the third single he’s released from Bloom, following My My My, Bloom, and Dance to This.

Bloom comes out at the end of the month on 31 August.

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