UNWTO a regime of good statistics, fear and corruption

The UNWTO General Assembly opened in Saint Petersburg Russa today. UNWTO is turning into an organization with many controversies. On one hand, delegates in Saint Petersburg are about to be treated to an amazing program of numbers and statistics. The United States of America is expected to join the World body, which is seen as an excellent achievement.

Countries that have voting rights to confirm the current Secretary-General at the next election in 2 years always enjoyed the special attention by the SG.

At the same time, UNWTO has turned into an organization of fear, favoritism, and autocratic leadership style of Soviet-type proportion. Not quality and experience but connection and a pledge of loyalty to the person in charge, Secretary-General Zurab Polakiashvli will count.

Transparency and opening to the media is history. Publications not ready to provide lip services are not invited and cannot attend, some are being blocked by this United Nationa Agency, including eTurboNews.

eTN sources say Polalkashvili trades staff positions for votes he needs from the Executive Council.
Such positions are not announced internally and not presented to the General Assembly.

It’s expected the new Director fo Europe will be from Italy and put in place in exchange for a vote.
The director for the Middle East is expected to be from Saudi Arabia in exchange for a vote.

The Director for Statistics is put in place as a personal favor to Minister Santes, who may be the next Deputy. The last Deputy Cabal left the top UN position what many see as major disagreement and disappointment with SG Zurab Polakiashvli.

Also, the director for Europe left due to major disappointments and was immediately hired by WTTC.

There is a long list of favoritism, positionings, and enrichment, including exploitation. UNWTO Executive Directors no longer play a big role in the decision making progress of the organization.

eTN Sources go on to say a fiend of the Secretary-General was able to position the 500+ affiliated members, so a shadow person can now control 500 affiliated member votes.

There is more to be disclosed, including a 10 million dollar deal negotiated with Saudi Arabia, to benefit personal interest by the Secretary-general to wash the condemned embassy killing by the Saudia at their consulate in Istanbul.
There is also more when it comes to secret appointment moving a good looking lady to be promoted grom G5 to P4 without professional qualifications.

The UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Polalikashvili had no issue to engage in unethical business-arrangements so the children of top Georgian officials and his personal friends in Georgia, Spain, Uruguay are awarded sizable contracts.

The SG handed out expert contracts to help his personal friends who in return did favors to the SG and his businesses.
The investor online academy is showing this web of personal favors in return for contracts, according to the same eTN sources.

Stay tuned, there is lots more to come.

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