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Vue pays ‘gay cure’ Christian group after refusing to show their film

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Vue has agreed on a settlement | Photo: Pixabay

Vue Cinemas has paid a settlement to an Evangelical Christian group after blocking their screening of a ‘gay cure’ film.

Reports in February 2018 said fringe UK Christian group The Core Issues Trust planned to hold a screening of a film advocating so-called ‘gay cure’ therapy at the Piccadilly Circus, London branch of Vue.

The film, ‘Voices of the Silenced’, tells the stories of 15 people ‘emerging out of homosexual lifestyles’. It wants to ‘preserve and promote teachings on sexual ethics’.

However, after the screening was exposed, it was canceled. The cinema sent a letter to the organizers stating: ‘it has recently come to our attention that the film which was due to be screened does not accord with Vue’s fundamental values and beliefs, would cause serious and widespread offence and may be unlawful.’

Freedom of expression

A spokesperson for Vue spoke to Gay Star News about the settlement: ‘Vue firmly stands by its decision to cancel the screening of ‘Voices of the Silenced’ which was in direct conflict to our values.

‘The claim made relates simply to a technical breach of contract because of the late cancellation of the screen booking and was for a nominal amount. This has nothing to do with freedom of expression laws.’

After the cancelation, the group then launched legal proceedings against the chain. They claimed breach of contract and sought compensation for wasted expenses. CEO of the Christian Legal Centre Andrea Minichiello Williams spoke to Christian Concern, an anti-LGBTI lobbying group, at the time.

Core Issues Trust is lobbying against the ‘gay cure’ ban

‘This is fundamentally a free speech issue. As usual, a minority of gay activists use threats and intimidation to shut down any opposing views. Tragically, they can’t tolerate the truth that there are significant numbers of men and women who have no wish to remain in a gay lifestyle and seek help to leave it.’

A representative of Core Issues Trust, Mike Davidson – who also produced the documentary – released a statement on the issue.

‘Vue Cinemas has recognised that it was wrong to block us from showing the film. I hope that in future they won’t fold under pressure from LGBT activists who want to suppress the voices of those who want to move away from same-sex attraction and behaviour.’

The UK government announced it will ban so-called ‘gay conversion therapy’ earlier this year.

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