WATCH: gorgeous go-go dancer Seth Fornea undresses for #ThisIsMe series


Seth Fornea in the new #ThisIsMe video

Happy Monday! Hunky dancer Seth Fornea strips down in a new video for the #ThisIsMe series.

The series is an exploration of ‘the complex relationship between gay men and body image’.  It is a series that unveils the singular struggles and beauty that comes with the journey of self-acceptance and love.

For Fornea, he opens up with the awkwardness that went hand-in-hand with his childhood. Kids teased him for his bright red hair, asking if his pubic hair matched the color of his eyebrows.

A self-described ‘ugly duckling’, Fornea opens up about his acne and braces as a kid.

‘I understand people that are younger don’t really like themselves because I was that person too,’ he says. ‘Around 27, 28, I started to feel sexy, I guess.’

Now, he’s aware of his ‘Adonis’ physique, especially as a gay man and a go-go dancer. And we think he’s never looked better!

Watch Fornea strip and discuss his self-love journey:

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