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WATCH: This film seeks to bring gender inclusivity to public schools

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A still from the trailer of Creating Gender Inclusive Schools

Creating Gender Inclusive Schools is a short documentary film. It demonstrates what can happen when public schools learn to be inclusive beyond the gender binary.

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The film documents Peralta Elementary School in Oakland, California. School employees brought in staff from the group Gender Spectrum to provide training for teachers and administrators. Additionally, they provided an age-appropriate curriculum for students.

‘Gender Spectrum’s mission is to create a gender-inclusive world for all children and youth,’ the organization’s website reads.

Next in the film, parents are introduced to these ideas. They add to the discussion of creating a safe space for all children to be themselves.

In total, the film documents a week of classroom activities. These activities helped students and adults alike become more aware of issues such as bullying, stereotyping, and gender.

‘[The film] demonstrates that it’s not only possible, but downright fun, to train an entire public elementary school community to be inclusive of transgender and gender expansive youth,’ New Day Films states.

‘Creating Gender Inclusive Schools is one of four films in the Youth & Gender Media Project, which together demonstrate how to reach every member of a school community—students, teachers, parents and administrators—to help them create educational settings that welcome all young people, regardless of the where they fall on the spectrum of gender identity and expression.’


‘As a LGBTQ advocate and educator, the film is a great tool and resource. We love the perspectives that the film provides and the connection to LGBTQ inclusion work. I am so grateful that a film like this even exists and is available to us,’ said Ami Davis in a review. Davis is the Manager of Youth Wellness and Policy at REACH OUT.

‘We screened [the film] for a professional development session at each of our schools to teachers [and staff],’ said Catherine Wang. Wang works as the superintendent of a school district.

‘This impactful film highlights how easily we can make a difference if we intentionally plan to address gender identity in our schools. Our teams were truly inspired by what is possible and the film moved each school to consider immediate steps to support a more inclusive environment’.

The trailer

Watch the trailer for Creating Gender Inclusive Schools below:

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Creating Gender Inclusive Schools Trailer from Jonathan Skurnik on Vimeo.

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Using gender-neutral language is also a great way to move beyond the gender binary.

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