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WATCH: Why life is hard for straight white men

Written by gaytourism

In a hilarious new music video from UK band Rocking Horse Club, they have imagined a world where life is hard for the straight white man.

The music video turns the tables on how we usually see sexism, homophobia, and racism.

The bouncy pop-punk tune is giving us all the feels.

With lyrics like ‘It’s hard if you’re gay, worse if you’re trans’ and ‘the system fails unless you’re pale’ – we’re on board.

It’s fair to say we think the music video is a giggle, that also asks some good questions about privilege.

Gay Star News spoke to lead singer Ed as they launched their new single ‘Straight White Man’:

What inspired the song?

The song is inspired by female friends telling me the different things that have been shouted at them in the street.

I guess I must have been quite naive because I was really shocked to hear this!

It got me thinking about all the ways that I’m privileged, and how much easier life is for me just because I was born a straight white man, and the song just carried on from there.

if women were sexist to men

What one take away do you want people to have?

Own your privilege!

We’ve had a lot of furious attacks on social media from straight white men who feel personally attacked by the song.

It’s just about standing up and saying ‘These are the ways I have privilege’.

We’re fighting for everyone to have the same rights and opportunities.

cheeky bum grab

What message does the band have for LGBTI people?

Fuck the haters! And the people in real life and on the internet who want to hate you for who you are.

They are scared because we are winning. Love triumphs over hate, and hope triumphs over fear.

No one should ever have to feel bad about who they are. Whatever their sexuality, ethnicity, gender, or background.

protesting heterosexuality

Watch the music video now:

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