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We’re obsessed with this gay YouTuber’s clapback at femme-shaming

Written by gaytourism

Riyadh Khalaf has been making YouTube videos for over three years | Photo: riyadhk Instagram

If you didn’t already love Riyadh Khalaf, you will now.

He went viral back in 2015 where he let his mother look at his Grindr messages.

Femme-shaming is unfortunately very prevalent in the gay community.

This gay YouTuber and presenter gave the perfect clapback to such comments.

Riyadh tweeted over the weekend explaining his flatmate had brought a guy home. Then he heard the guest make the comment: ‘I hate camp guys.’

So, Riyadh took matters into his own hands.

He started playing Celine Dion loudly and ‘running around the kitchen in a pink crop top.’

The YouTuber added that ‘saying you ‘hate’ a person for being who they authentically are isn’t a sexual preference.’

Most responses applauded Riyadh’s sassy comeback to the comment.

Others even shared what they’ve done in similar situations!

We wonder what the guy Riyadh brought home had to say about queen Celine playing loudly… We’ll never know.

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