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Who is the UK’s favorite member of the Spice Girls?

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The Spice Girls at the 2012 Olympics | Photo: YouTube/Olympics

It’s a question that generations since the 1990s have wondered: Who is the most beloved of the Spice Girls?

Well, within the United Kingdom, at least — the birthplace of the popular girl group — there is finally an answer.

YouGov UK, a market research and data analytics company, surveyed over 31,000 British people about the band.

So who’s the favorite of the five band members?

With 37% of the vote, Baby Spice aka Emma Bunton declared her victory as the most beloved. Sporty Spice (Mel C) came in second with 23% and Ginger (Geri Halliwell) followed with 19%. Finally, Posh (Victoria Beckham) and Scary (Mel B) rounded it out with 12% and 9% of the vote, respectively.

What about girl power?

The poll also asked about fans’ traits and likes in comparison to their favorite Spice Girl.

Though Scary Spice may have ranked as the lowest favorite, more fans of hers than any other member described themselves as feminists.

31% of fans who said Scary was their favorite said they believe in gender equality and see themselves as feminists. This is compared to 20% for Sporty and Ginger, 19% for Posh, and 15% for Baby.

Scary fans were also the biggest music lovers (18% described themselves as music obsessive).

Meanwhile, Posh fans ranked as the youngest (16% are between 18 and 24) and most fashionable (50% keep up with current fashion trends, 38% spend a lot on clothes).

Ginger Spice has the most male fans — 60%, to be precise. Baby was the only other member who had more male fans than female, while Sporty was nearly 50-50. For Scary, most of her fans are female (55%) and the same goes for Posh (57%).

The band, who’s been toying with the idea of a reunion for months, recently gave their permission for an animated superhero film of them.

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