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Will a bigger penis size lead to evolutionary disaster?

Written by gaytourism

Would you reject a man based on his penis size?

You might wonder if a bigger penis size is desirable, then why hasn’t the human race evolved to have bigger ones?

Well, the answer has revealed if that happened, it could lead to evolutionary disaster.

Researchers have revealed a larger penis could be the biggest cock block to our survival.

Scientists at the Smithsonian National Museum of National History have showed the size and shape of at least one species’ genitals were a disaster.

Analysis of fossils of ostracods, tiny, shrimp-like crustaceons that still around – indicated individuals with larger and more elongated sex organs couldn’t survive.

It was found species with bigger sex organs led to ‘estimated extinction rates that were 10 times higher than those of the same species with the lowest investment’.

Investment, in scientist talk, means genitalia.

‘We showed that when males are larger and more elongated than the females, those species tend to not last as long in the fossil record,’ explained co-author and paleobiologist Gene Hunt, Ph.D.

‘They have a higher risk of extinction.’

Hunt studied 6,000 ostracod specimens, and assessed their shape and size.

It included 93 species that lived between 85 and 65 million years ago.

Admittedly this is to do with the penis size of an animal that lived 85 million years ago

The only difference between survival and extinction was the size and shape of the male’s genitals.

While larger organs could produce more sperm, they lacked the adaptations necessary to cope with environmental threats.

In a perhaps shocking twist, male ostracods now have two sets of genitals.

”If devoting so much energy to reproduction made it harder for species in the past to adapt to changing circumstances,’ says Hunt, ‘perhaps that same should apply to species we’re concerned about conserving in the present day.’

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