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Women all over are sharing their best selfies for Lesbian Visibility Day

Written by gaytourism

Tell the lesbians in your life you see and love them | Photo: Unsplash/Tallie Robinson

There’s a pretty cool hashtag trending on Twitter right now, all because it’s Lesbian Visibility Day.

It’s not a day that gets a lot of attention, or is even known by a lot of people. However, according to the internet, the day began in 2008. Like other visibility days, it’s simply meant as a day of celebration for women who identify as lesbians.

This year, it’s really taking off like never before with a trending hashtag and a whole lot of selfies.

The selfies are really the best part. It’s great to see people out, proud, and living their best lives.

Beautiful lesbians all across the internet

‘I  have never been more proud to live as who I am,’ writes user @emrosad. ‘At a scary time for so many people the LGBT+ community makes me feel supported and safe every day. I’ve found my happiness.’

Every lesbian is welcome — queer femmes, butch women, and everyone else!

And trans lesbians, who are just as valid and worthy of celebration.

Others are talking about the news of the day, including Bill Cosby’s conviction and Janelle Monáe’s coming out.

Honestly, all of these selfies and pictures are so fine.

And celebrating their girlfriends!

No matter where people are in their journey, let’s embrace and love the lesbians in our lives.

Needless to say, it’s a good day.

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