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Women’s health getting its place in the spotlight

A unique conference in Sydney will put the health of lesbian, bisexual and queer (LBQ) in the much needed spotlight.

Registrations are open for the 2017 Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Women’s Health Conference, the only national summit on the health and wellbeing of LBQ women.

A line-up of speakers and influential voices will address the issues of a community who are not always represented in mainstream approaches.

The LBQ conference will explore best practice and available research in working with women around mental and sexual health, alcohol and other drug use, and broader women’s health issues.

A holistic approach to the issue ensure that other but other important areas related to LBQ women’s health including Indigenous issues, culture, disability, age, faith, sexuality and experiences of LBQ women will be featured.

A critical issue

‘The pivotal nature and purpose of this conference is only emphasised by the high calibre of speakers who are willing to share their expertise and passion for women’s health,’ said ACON Deputy CEO Karen Price said. LGBTI organization. ACON is copresenting the conference with the Victorian AIDS Council.

‘This pre-eminent conference is a vital opportunity for those engaged and involved in improving the health of LBQ women from all around Australia, to contribute to discussions about the community, the challenges it faces, and more than that, influence real outcomes.

‘The conference is framed through a sexuality lens, but is inclusive of intersex status and all gender identities, and we welcome attendees who are interested in the intersectionality of issues affecting all LBQ women.’

The cultural backdrop of the conference will be a two-day LBQ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Exhibition.

A social event held at the conclusion of the first day will feature performances, workshops and art. Indigenous LBQ women will run the event to highlight different ways of knowledge sharing and cultural exchange.

The 2017 LBQ Women’s Health Conference is on July 13-14 in Sydney.