World LGBTQ+ Tourism Day Italian Style

  1. Italy comes to this appointment on World LGBTQ+ Tourism Day for the first time with other agencies.
  2. Signing together under the Diversity & Inclusion Protocol is ENIT National Tourism Agency, AITGL Italian Gay & Lesbian Tourism Association, and the Sonders & Beach Group.
  3. The new protocol sees Italy, like major international destinations, adopt Diversity Management policies to prepare for the important appointment of 2022.

This process launched in view of the nomination of the “IGLTA 2022 Convention in Milan” Italy. Said IGLTA President Alessio Virgili, “The IGLTA 2022 Convention in Milano will light up like a beacon on Italy.”

LGBTQ+ tourism in Italy is heading towards a new era. ENIT worldwide offices are contributing to sector research with the support of the AITGL Scientific Committee, in which the leading exponents of the Italian tourism industry and institutions participate.

President Virgili stated: “LGTBQ+ tourism generates 2.7 billion euros in turnover in Italy. I am proud to have reached this milestone after our longstanding commitment to the growth of this market with the support of many institutions and businesses.”

The IGLTA Convention is already experiencing a very positive moment, added Virgili, “and the economic impact that this sentiment can generate will certainly represent further growth for our country, producing 2 million dollars in only ancillary services for Milan hosting this event.”

LGBTQ+ tourism is a highly resilient sector that develops highly-specific interests that drive the tourism sector. Italy records 10 percent of the total LGBTQ+ world travelers offering opportunities to companies that want to diversify and invest in this important segment that qualifies Italy as a welcoming country.

Safety, which has always been crucial for LGBTQ+ tourists, is being celebrated worldwide this year with the theme “Safer experiences for LGBTQ + travelers, for a journey towards inclusive tourism.”

“The present level of success, a result of many years work, is also a victory and a commercial benefit for all Italian operators in the sector,” Virgili concluded.

World LGBTQ+ Tourism Day is celebrated on August 10 each year and involves ceremonies, statements and activities. The day also honors the pioneers in travel who have paved the way and made travel safer for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans tourists and recognizes those who prioritized respecting diversity within their businesses.

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