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YouTuber Hannah Hart proposes to girlfriend Ella Mielniczenko

Written by gaytourism

Hannah Hart proposes to girlfriend Ella Mielniczenko. | Photo: Hannah Hart / Instagram

Hugely popular YouTuber Hannah Hart just proposed to her girlfriend and Buzzfeed executive producer, Ella Mielniczenko.

Hart took to social media to officially announce the news after popping the question earlier this month (18 July) in Hawaii.

She then posted a YouTube video by herself explaining the announcement and the idea of change.

Hart says in the video: ‘The big change ahead for me in my life is that I have found someone that I want to spend my life with.

‘You guessed it! I asked Ella to marry me and she said yes.

‘We’re engaged – we’re two engaged people. We’re engaged and it’s wild.

‘I just wanted to tell you guys one-on-one because this channel has been such a huge part of my life and it has been the foundation of my entire career,’ she said.

Hannah Hart: ‘There is just not enough positive queer representation’

Hart hid the ring in a sand castle bucket under two mini bottles of champagne, while the pair were overlooking the sunset.

She told People: ‘It’s so exciting to share our engagement story. There is just not enough positive queer representation out there of the realities of being in queer relationships.’

Mielniczenko said: ‘I thought she was pranking me because we fake propose to each other in bad situations — like at the line at IKEA on a Saturday — until she pulled out the box.’

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Hart promised to upload another video featuring Mielniczenko by the end of this weekend with all of the exact details about the proposal.

The couple are planning a big wedding in 2020.

They started dating around November 2016 and fans dubbed them with the couple name ‘Hella’.

Hannah Hart recently hosted a live Pride event on YouTube, benefiting LGBTI causes.

She also got her own food network show in June last year.

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