Lance Bass and husband make important update about fatherhood journey


Lance Bass and Michael Turchin | Photo: Instagram/michaelturchinart

Future fathers Lance Bass and his husband Michael Turchin have said they have found a surrogate to help them in their journey to parenthood.

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NSYNC star Lance said last night: ‘We have the surrogate right now and we’re just looking for the egg donor. So once we find that egg donor we’re ready to go.’

Artist Michael then compared the guys’ search for a donor, and the process of scrolling through profiles, to using Tinder.

‘It’s like a Tinder of eggs’

‘Its like dating profiles honestly, it’s like a Tinder of eggs,’ he said.

Lance added: ‘You’re looking for the healthiest people. You look at the grandparents on both sides. You look for health first. And then you look at “Oh she’s tall”. That’s great because I’m not. You piece it together.’

‘We’ve gone through a lot of egg donors already’ he added. ‘I think we’re on our fourth that we’re looking at right now. It could take a while.’

The pop icon and the artist were speaking at the & DailyMailTv’s Summer Party last night when they made the revelation.

The couple married in 2014.

Lance, alongside his NSYNC bandmates such as Justin Timberlake, is known for hits such as Gone and Pop.

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