London bus driver films himself harassing man wearing high heels


London bus driver films himself harassing a man wearing high heels

.A London bus driver has filmed a shocking video of himself harassing a man wearing high heels.

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The Transport for London employee purposefully harassed the Londoner as he was just going about his morning.

TFL have confirmed to Gay Star News they are investigating the incident.

London bus driver films himself harassing man wearing high heels

The video begins as the driver saying it is ‘too early’ for this ‘bomboclat’.

‘Bomboclat’ is a Jamaican expression for shock, surprise, or ‘what the fuck?’

‘What do ya do man?’ he says.

The driver carries on filming as the man behind sees he is the subject of the video. He attempts, in vain, to get out of shot.

Despite him obviously feeling uncomfortable, the driver continues to film and harass the stranger.

The driver laughs, mockingly, and says in a London accent: ‘It’s too early, mate.’

He concludes: ‘What do da bomboclat?’

Social media users slammed the driver’s actions.

‘Given you’re in the midst of celebrating #Pride as a brand, this needs looking into immediately,’ Lee Carrol wrote in a message to TFL.

‘This is not acceptable. That poor guy was just trying to be left alone.’

Dan Wilson said: ‘Disgraceful! Why can’t people leave others to what they want to do?

Another said: ‘Disgraceful behaviur and should be sacked. Unless his employer are happy for him to carry on such behavior whilst he’s representing them.’

The video’s location or time it was filmed is not yet known.

It appears it was made near or close by a high street. You can see rows of shops, banks and fast food restaurants in the video.

TFL are investigating

Pride in London took place last Saturday on 7 July.

Claire Mann, TFL’s Director of Bus Operations, told GSN this ‘behavior is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated’.

She added: ‘We expect the highest standards from London bus drivers. We are working with the bus operator to investigate this incident and to ensure the appropriate action is taken immediately.’

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