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10 iconic Jane Lynch moments to celebrate her birthday

Written by gaytourism

Jane covered Nicki Minaj while starring in Glee

Today (14 July), the legend that is Jane Lynch turns 57.

The lesbian actress was yesterday nominated in the Emmy category of Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama. This was for her ‘Dropping the Soap’ performance.

‘Dropping the Soap’ debuted on Dekkoo, a streaming site of LGBTI films and tv shows, earlier this year.

In the show, Jane plays an Executive Producer brought in to ‘re-brand’ a failing soap-opera.

To celebrate her birthday, let’s take a look at some of her most iconic moments in no particular order.


We have to start with Jane’s performance of Vogue. While in Glee, her character of Sue gave this iconic performance. You won’t be able to forget this easily.


It would not be an episode of The Ellen Show without a jump scare. Here Jane is left shaking in her roots.


Jane got us in the festive spirit with this merry little jingle. Enjoy her amazing air-piano performance, an air musical instrument we think is greatly under-appreciated.


This really took the idea of loving yourself to a whole other level. Here, watch as Jane’s character Sue literally marries herself.


Funny or Die is known for producing hilarious sketches. In this one, watch Jane and her Glee co-star Matt Morrison in an old school carpool karaoke.


How can we forget the People’s Choice Awards 2016? Jane took to the stage for this catchy cover of Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon.


You’ll want to grab some tissues before you watch this video because it’s bound to get the waterworks going. At the 2013 Emmy’s, Jane made this emotional tribute to her good friend Cory Monteith. Four years ago yesterday (13 July), the star passed away at the age of 31.


You’ll need to watch this video five times before you’re able to fully process what’s going on. Here, Jane takes to the stage to put on a show of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda.


Every great actress has their Saturday Night Live monologue moment, Jane Lynch included.


While Jane Lynch and Nicki Minaj are an odd combination, Anaconda isn’t the first time she’s tackled such a Minaj track. In an old Glee clip, witness Jane decked out in a wig and leopard print.