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RuPaul roasts Trump’s Counselor, Kellyanne Conway

Written by gaytourism

Kellyanne will not be invited to appear on RuPauls Drag Race

Kellyanne Conway used flashcards in a Fox News appearance and in the aftermath, has become a meme.

One twitter user posted his own take on the meme.

His edit showed Conway holding placards featuring iconic RuPaul sayings ‘Sashay Away’ and ‘Shantay you stay’.

The meme then went viral when RuPaul herself retweeted, confirming the elimination of Conway.


Kellyanne will ‘Sashay Away’

In the response, RuPaul told Conway that she was ‘up for elimination’.

Kellyanne is known for claiming that homosexuality is a ‘corrupting’ influence. And people do not want their ‘kids looking at a cartoon with a bunch of lesbian mothers’.

Also according to Conway, referencing sexuality is like saying ‘your daughter is a slut’.

Twitter is loving the takedown of Trump’s Counselor.