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10 Things to Know About Executive Director Fran Hutchins

Written by gaytourism

New year, new executive director. We’ve known her for many years as Equality Federation’s deputy director, but this week Fran Hutchins started her new role as executive director. Get to know a little about Fran!

  1. Roll Tide! Raised near Birmingham, Fran is a dedicated University of Alabama softball fan.
  2. Oscar & Otis. She currently lives in Minneapolis with her wife Laura, orange cat Oscar Wilde, and fluffy puppy Otis.
  3. Eight years. That’s how long she has been at Equality Federation, serving in three different roles before becoming executive director in 2021.
  4. A passion for deep canvassing. Following the marriage loss as a result of Proposition 8 passing in California in 2008, Fran became interested in the power of deep canvassing. That interest has turned into a passion for using this method to change hearts and minds for the long term on issues such as transgender rights.
  5. Queer Bread Coven. With some virtual coaching from some Federation friends, Fran picked up a new hobby during quarantine: breadmaking. She now bakes at least two loaves of sourdough a week, making her lunches the envy of her Federation team members.
  6. J’aime le pain et la justice. While living in Paris in 2005, Fran began her start in queer organizing with Queer Food for Love, a vegetarian collective food project.
  7. People power. One of Fran’s greatest passions is building LGBTQ state-based leaders. That’s why she’s dedicated her time at the Federation to supporting our members through job-specific training, 1:1 coaching, and organizational development.
  8. Go U! Go UMass! In 2013, she received her MBA and MPPA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and now proudly serves on the Alumni Association Board of Directors.
  9. Seven states. She’s lived in seven states across four regions – from California to Massachusetts to Alabama and Minnesota. Fran understands the importance of state work and the unique needs of the communities we call home.
  10. Favorite quote. “I love it when a plan comes together.” – Fran’s dad. A true Capricorn, Fran loves when the right mix of people and action bring a plan together, especially to advance full equality for LGBTQ people.

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