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15 pictures of this year’s Dinah Weekend that will give you serious FOMO

Written by gaytourism

Women from across the world gather in Palm Springs every year for The Dinah | Photo: Instagram

The Dinah Shore Weekend is an epic yearly party for queer women.

It’s essentially a female version of The White Party.

The event celebrated it’s 27th anniversary this year, and it grows bigger every year.

This year the party started on 28 March and ended on 1 April. It all takes place in Palm Springs, California.

Try not to get too much FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) as you take a look back at 15 pictures from this year’s Dinah.

Check out this hot lady | Photo: jazzmynejay Instagram

Hot damn | Photo: kristinvthe1st Instagram


We’re in love | Photo: ellosteph Instagram

We’re jealous! | Photo: kiki_lawrence14 Instagram

We’re OBSESSED | Photo: yazminmonetwatkins Instagram

Hey good looking | Photo: mxoliviakat Instagram

This looks like fun | Photo: lesstalkmoreanicia Instagram

Room for one more? | Photo: mye_way Instagram

Yaasss | Photo: tinysnowdancer Instagram

Friendship goals | Photo: xjordan888 Instagram

Can we join in? | Photo: danieallover Instagram

We know where we’re going next year | Photo: unabella Instagram

We’re captivated by the beauty | Photo: stacylentz Instagram

Squad | Photo: prototypical_ Instagram

Wow!! | Photo: krolproducao Instagram

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