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5 amazing moments from Frank Ocean’s Timothee Chalamet interview

Written by gaytourism

Frank Ocean has interviewed Timothee Chalamet, and it is all kinds of amazing

The stars chatted on the phone for VMAN.

The Nikes singer is known to be a big fan of Timothee’s latest film Call Me By Your Name, last month posting a powerful Tumblr response to the father character in the movie.

In the ensuing interview, it emerges that the star even read the book the film’s based on, by André Aciman, to prepare.

Frank Ocean posts powerful response to the dad in Call Me By Your Name

Call me By Your Name details the gay love affair between a teenager and a 20-something academic. Timothee is the youngest actor in 80 years to be nominated for Best Actor for his work on the film.

Timothee, meanwhile has gone on record as being a massive fan of Frank’s, freaking out that the star had seen his film while on the red carpet recently.

The conversation between the critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter and the actor was published on the VMAN website today.

It will appear in print on 22 February. Here are five things we learned from it…

1 Firstly, Frank has seen Timothee’s adorable rap video

‘I saw it on Ellen,’ he says. ‘I figured if Ellen’s talking about it, then it’s fair game.’

Watch ‘Statistics’, filmed when Tim was 15, below…

Secondly, Timothee’s real name is pronounced ‘Timo-tay’ – like the shampoo

He tells Frank: ‘My whole life I was Timmy and then as I got older, it seemed like Timmy was youthing me out, so it’s been Timothée since. I tried Timo and Tim, too. The real pronunciation is Timo-tay, but I can’t ask people to call me that; it just seems really pretentious.’

Thirdly, Frank is up for scoring a film

The guys obviously chatted about CMBYN’s soundtrack, which features an Oscar-nominated song by Sufjan Stevens. When Timothee tells Frank he needs to score a movie himself, Frank replies: ‘Yeah, one of these days…’ Is it just us, or does it sounds like something’s already in the pipeline?!

Fourthly, Timothee is gaining weight for his latest role

He tells Frank: ‘I’m going to put on 25 pounds—I’m like a skinny little shit right now!’

Finally, Timothee had a drug ‘consultant’ on the set of Beautiful Boy

In it he plays an addict, and tells Frank: ‘It felt like a big responsibility to get that right. The movie is about addiction, and to get the actual using wrong would betray anyone’s experiences walking that path. It was very helpful.’